Nov. 11th, 2010

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Sort of fixed the problem with the leopard. Took new mac mini with leopard downstairs to connect it to modem/router, and took the older one upstairs. Installed leopard on the older one also and saved my network settings. Sometimes it works upstairs and sometimes it doesn't.

Looking at sites made with square space and they make me want to mess around with my dreamwidth. (This is going to end well ) I think I'll probably end up adding a lot of the sites to my google reader. Have some examples: Creature Comforts, T3ch H3lp, The Purl Bee, One cool thing a day, Shutter Sisters.

I told myself I would only pick 5 that I liked to put on here. If I had the time and the patience I would link every site I liked. Instead I'll just link the examples page and let anyone who reads this look through them. There are some very nice sites in there and I have subscribed to quite a few of them already. If I'm not careful my google reader might explode!

Edit: I managed to put a header on there without totally borking my blog, so I guess I did alright.


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