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Changed my layout again. But I emailed myself the header code so I wouldn't lose or forget it. And got a new netflix movie in the mail. Millennium Actress )
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Sort of fixed the problem with the leopard. Took new mac mini with leopard downstairs to connect it to modem/router, and took the older one upstairs. Installed leopard on the older one also and saved my network settings. Sometimes it works upstairs and sometimes it doesn't.

Looking at sites made with square space and they make me want to mess around with my dreamwidth. (This is going to end well ) I think I'll probably end up adding a lot of the sites to my google reader. Have some examples: Creature Comforts, T3ch H3lp, The Purl Bee, One cool thing a day, Shutter Sisters.

I told myself I would only pick 5 that I liked to put on here. If I had the time and the patience I would link every site I liked. Instead I'll just link the examples page and let anyone who reads this look through them. There are some very nice sites in there and I have subscribed to quite a few of them already. If I'm not careful my google reader might explode!

Edit: I managed to put a header on there without totally borking my blog, so I guess I did alright.
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Maybe putting leopard on my mac mini was a mistake. I'm having so much trouble trying to get the wireless to work. Even my mom's laptop with windows wasn't this hard to get connected wirelessly! Maybe I should just install 10.4 on there.
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Today syfy starts the 30 days of Halloween movie marathon. Looks like today it will be vampire movies. Is syfy playing anything worth watching this month? Or should I just use netflix to rent something? Any horror movie recommendations would be appreciated.

iPad still addicting. Tried the Godfinger game, it's fun to pick up my followers and drop them again. I know that sounds mean, but they make funny noises and flail their arms. None of the TWiT apps work right yet, so I have been watching them on the YouTube app. At least that works right. And I really like the Twitter app. It's nice how it opens a little side screen for links you click so you can read them without having to go back and forth between safari and Twitter.
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I have an ipad now. This thing is addicting. We Rule is my favorite game so far, even if not being able to buy all the farm land I want is annoying me. And my favorite app is the one that goes with this site. It's nice to look at and very well organized. Also I really like the articles and videos they put up. There's a livejournal app (which isn't that great), and a tumblr app. (I like the tumblr app more than the livejournal app even though it also has problems.) The problem with the tumblr app is what the app does after you reblog something. On the tumblr site it would reload the page you were just on so you can keep scrolling down. The app however takes you to the dash board and you have to start all over again. I don't think I'll be using tumblr app very often. Unless another, better one gets made I will stick with it. TWiT also has an app on the ipad. I'm glad they have their videos divided into categories instead of a live feed. I don't always have time to watch TWiT, and sometimes I miss the parts I would like to watch. Like the show about the iPad or the Today in Tech part.
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Actually went to the library last week, and then received birthday presents from dad.


One Hundred Years of Solitude
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
The Waves
The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana (Currently Reading)

A Macbook Pro
Two wireless mice
One older pair of headphones
A new headset that you can talk into
A ps3!
God of War 3 (finished), Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (finished), Red Dead Redemption (Currently playing), Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers, Assassins Creed one and two, Heavy Rain, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Red Dead Redemption is really buggy, the controls are bizarre, and every portrayal of women in the game with the exception of Bonnie (so far) makes me very uncomfortable. I'm especially bothered by the women who get attacked outside the saloons. At least I can shoot the attacker in the crotch after I kick the bastard. But I still find the game fun despite that. God of War 3 was even worse than Red Dead Redemption with the way women were treated, but I still had fun killing lots of enemies.
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I'm having this weird problem with livejournal and dreamwidth. When I try to copy and paste something it erases one space before what I'm c+p-ing. For example, when I tried to c+p my tumblr into the links list: I c+p the everything after that second slash, and when I paste it the second slash is highlighted and then cut. It's really annoying having to double space everything when I c+p.

Also my mother is getting a new dog, which brings us up to eight. Mom seriously stop it! I am so sick of dogs, I can't stand their barking. Every time mom comes home, it's like a damn circus exploded. I have wanted to get another cat since Tom died. ;_; But with all the strain the dogs are putting on our money there's no way I could. Mom says the dog won't stay long, but that's what she said about the other seven.

Speaking of dogs, my aunt and uncle's dog Greta apparently jumped out the second story window through a hole in the screen. The police found her and brought her home, she was limping. Now her leg is swollen and might be broken, so they are taking her to the vets today. I told him he should get an airconditioner, instead of leaving the windows open to cool the house. He complains that it's too noisy. Well noise is better than having a dog with a broken leg, and huge vet bills.
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I watched the first episode of the new syfy (I hate that name) series Haven. Thoughts with possible spoilers )
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A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

Oh Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I think I was the only one in my high school literature class who liked One Hundred Years of Solitude. Everyone else hated it, I think. What other explanation could there be for their robotic reading of it in class? I had to keep myself from yelling at them to read with more feeling, or at least to read faster. The last thing I needed was to get in trouble for my big mouth. They read every book that way though. Even No Exit, which was about people in hell! You can't read that so robotically, come on now! Then again, I was in the class because I liked reading, and because I was looking for book recommendations or at least to get to read I book I hadn't read before. I think they were just in that class to fill a space on their class schedule because the guidance counselor made them.
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So I finally got around to watching The Men Who Stare At Goats today. I'll type and screencap as I'm watching so I don't forget anything. More of this is true than you would believe )
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I think I'm going to like this site


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