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I love the feeling when we lift off

Watching the world so small below

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Birthdate:Oct 2
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
I like it when things don't make sense.

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07-ghost, a long way down, a serious man, a thousand splendid suns, a wind in the door, abarat, amelie, anime, atheism, barton fink, big fish, black sabbath, blindness, blue oyster cult, brimstone, burn after reading, cats, chicago, china mieville, christopher moore, city of lost children, class of the titans, clive barker, comic books, david lynch, dead like me, doctor who, dogma, durarara, eraserhead, ergo proxy, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, everything is illuminated, fables, fairy tail, fan soundtracks, fargo, feminism, feminists, florence & the machine, fluke, fst, full metal alchemist, grotesque, haibane renmei, haruki murakami, higashi no eden, homestuck, horror manga, horror movies, house of leaves, inland empire, italo calvino, jesus christ superstar, joan of arcadia, jorge luis borges, julie & julia, kafka on the shore, killer7, kino's journey, labyrinth, lady gaga, led zeppelin, life of pi, life on mars, lucifer, lucifer (comic), magic realism, manga, movies, mulholland drive, muramasa: the demon blade, music, musicals, mute math, neil gaiman, nick cave, no country for old men, no more heroes, o brother where art thou?, odin sphere, okami, one hundred years of solitude, one piece, over the rhine, pan's labyrinth, paper house, paramore, perdido street station, philip k dick, phoenix, pushing daisies, ray bradbury, reading, reaper, religion, sandman, science fiction, serial experiments lain, sherlock, shiny toy guns, soul eater, spaced, stars, stranger than fiction, superchick, synecdoche new york, terry gilliam, terry pratchett, the adventures of pete and pete, the big lebowski, the bonfire of the vanities, the curious case of benjamin button, the dark crystal, the etched city, the fall, the hudsucker proxy, the killers, the kite runner, the league of gentlemen, the men who stare at goats, the orphan's tales, the perks of being a wallflower, the pillars of the earth, the princess and the frog, the prisoner, the rumour said fire, the screwtape letters, the time traveler's wife, the unbearable lightness of being, the virgin suicides, the wind up bird chronicle, trying new things, turn of the screw, twin peaks, un lun dun, vincent price, voltaire, watching movies, wonderfalls, xam'd
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