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I have an ipad now. This thing is addicting. We Rule is my favorite game so far, even if not being able to buy all the farm land I want is annoying me. And my favorite app is the one that goes with this site. It's nice to look at and very well organized. Also I really like the articles and videos they put up. There's a livejournal app (which isn't that great), and a tumblr app. (I like the tumblr app more than the livejournal app even though it also has problems.) The problem with the tumblr app is what the app does after you reblog something. On the tumblr site it would reload the page you were just on so you can keep scrolling down. The app however takes you to the dash board and you have to start all over again. I don't think I'll be using tumblr app very often. Unless another, better one gets made I will stick with it. TWiT also has an app on the ipad. I'm glad they have their videos divided into categories instead of a live feed. I don't always have time to watch TWiT, and sometimes I miss the parts I would like to watch. Like the show about the iPad or the Today in Tech part.
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