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I'm having this weird problem with livejournal and dreamwidth. When I try to copy and paste something it erases one space before what I'm c+p-ing. For example, when I tried to c+p my tumblr into the links list: I c+p the everything after that second slash, and when I paste it the second slash is highlighted and then cut. It's really annoying having to double space everything when I c+p.

Also my mother is getting a new dog, which brings us up to eight. Mom seriously stop it! I am so sick of dogs, I can't stand their barking. Every time mom comes home, it's like a damn circus exploded. I have wanted to get another cat since Tom died. ;_; But with all the strain the dogs are putting on our money there's no way I could. Mom says the dog won't stay long, but that's what she said about the other seven.

Speaking of dogs, my aunt and uncle's dog Greta apparently jumped out the second story window through a hole in the screen. The police found her and brought her home, she was limping. Now her leg is swollen and might be broken, so they are taking her to the vets today. I told him he should get an airconditioner, instead of leaving the windows open to cool the house. He complains that it's too noisy. Well noise is better than having a dog with a broken leg, and huge vet bills.
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