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I watched the first episode of the new syfy (I hate that name) series Haven.
I like the way it looks/the way it was filmed. It was hard to see what was going on in the dark scenes, but otherwise it was easy to follow. I like the female fbi agent too, even if I keep having trouble remembering her name. I suppose it doesn't help that my computer keeps freezing up every few minutes, so I have to keep going back and even that doesn't help. Why is it that the first thing the man does is pull out his gun after he sees hers? Is he really paranoid or something? And right after he saved her from going over a cliff when she drives half way over the edge in her rental. Audrey Parker seems to be her name, and I should remember that now that I've typed it. Conrad must have been the one out there when the other man flew off the cliff. The hair looks about right.

Holy crap! What's with the creepy fog? Is this town like Silent Hill or something? Nathan really can't feel pain, so I guess he wasn't trying to act tough when she accidentally slammed his hand in the door of his truck. They trace the gun to a man named Duke. They're probably going to find him dead now, mysteriously~ Did she just get blown back by lightning or was she hit by it? Then she wakes up in someone else's bed... naked.
"A princess phone, seriously?" "You really need to work on your thank yous."
25789 Numbers on the calendar piece that was ripped off. Maybe coordinates, or a safe combination?

Wth why does he have powers? So Conrad can move people with his mind, which is how Lester died. The 2 publishers come back with a picture, maybe from a newspaper article. It title drops the story this show is based on "The Colorado Kid", and the women in the picture looks like Audrey. So now Marianne is suspicious, and Conrad was protecting her instead of the other way around. And Marianne can control the weather, and is probably going to kill Ted or something.

Thunder bolts and lightning, very very frightening~
That must make Nathan's power not being able to feel pain. So what is Audrey's power then, regeneration or something? Maybe I should add her to the list of people who are time lords on tv tropes. It explains why she doesn't have parents and why it looks like she was there in the picture for the newspaper article. She could have fobwatched herself or used a chameleon arch haha.

The name of the town translated means Haven for God's Orphans. Is that some kind of explanation for their powers? Or just symbolic in some way? Why do they have powers in the first place anyway? Where did they powers come from? Were they born with them? I'm very surprised at how calm Audrey is about the powers thing. It doesn't seem to bother her at all, and she acts normal around Conrad afterward when she encourages him to talk to Marianne. I suppose it would make sense if she had seen strange things a lot, but she never hints that she has, so her being so calm doesn't make sense to me.

They show us the picture again and I notice the boy in the picture is holding not!Audrey's hand. I wonder if the woman really is related to Audrey and if the makes the boy her brother or her cousin? And even though Audrey's phone was broken when she fell in the water she seems to have it back? Continuity error or did she buy a new one? It would have been funny if she kept the "princess phone" though.

Well that wasn't strange at all. I wonder who Audrey's boss was talking to, and why the ground collapsed behind him. Probably his power of course. *eyeroll* Is everyone going to have a power on this show? I really hope not. And it would be nice to get more explanations. The comments on hulu seemed negative, but I like this show. I just hope it doesn't get cancelled before anything is explained properly.
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